Saturday, April 04, 2009

Naty with her husband at fun fair in San Isidro

In the weekend was Naty with her husband at fun fair in San Isidro and in view of their smiles we can see that everything is going well between them.

"I am not going to explain something, what have never met me, I feel silly. I didn't do anything for this to happen, so... Why I should explain something?" That was an argument of Natalia Oreiro (31), when media 14 days ago were asking her harrasing questions about cricis between her and Ricardo (51).

Ultimately as announces her old hit "Words come and go and I am how I really am and I wanna live my own way." (Que digan, lo que quieran). Naty with Ricardo together say "we are barbaric", "better then ever" and "without doubt". How? Here we give you a clue...
On Saturday, March 28th, took Naty with Ricardo advantage of summer autumn and there wasn't any indication of imminent separation. Smiling and relaxed they walked throught handicrafts at fair by railwaystation Tren de la Costa. Ricardo bought ald doll and green beret in Cuban style. So with bags in hands they went home... That was an article from the newest issue of Argentinean magazine Paparazzi.


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